Berber culture disappears quickly in Marokkko

Argane Zerrouni as both are convinced that the change express is by satellite tv

The ancient Berber culture disappears rapidly in Morocco. Major culprit is the satellite receiver, which could be the final blow for the cultural heritage of the Moroccan Berbers.

Berbers are the original inhabitants of North Africa. They are still with 30 to 40 million, mainly in Algeria and Morocco. But their old traditions by the popular tv imams as Pagan or even Satanic.

Earlier this year the Moroccan Government issued a ban on Berber names for newborn babies, to the Islamic identity of the country. The Berbers have settled since the advent of Islam in the seventh century always fiercely resisted the attempts to arabiseren, but now comes the biggest threat from their own community.

In Tarama, a small isolated village in the South of Morocco, the quieter day by day. "People play no music more at home," says Abdelftah A? t Argane, a young Berber from the village. "The change is going to be very fast. The weddings are dropped by half, and the old traditions disappear. "

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