'' A Muslim should not accept ' democracy '

After the leader of the Sauerland-terrorists, Fritz Gelowicz, now also has the co-defendant Breath Yilmaz a full confession.

The accusations against him? e.g. creation of a German cell of the Islamic Jihad Union and planning car bomb attacks? knocked on almost all points. On the demand for his institution on democracy said the strict believer Muslim: '' a Muslim must accept the democracy at all. '' This would allow things that islam would ban and prohibit things that islam would allow.
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After the suspected leader of the Sauerland group has a member the plans for attacks. ? That's right all?, said Yilmaz. He would to the confession have decided, because there is '' too much '' evidence.

As the second accused in the Sauerland-process also has Breath Yilmaz his participation in the terrorist plans of the Group fully known. The accusations against him were right on almost all points, said the 30-year-old according to a on Tuesday at the Court of appeal in D? Düsseldorf read protocol. Since October 2003 he would have been determined to participate in the Jihad. Also in the courtroom he confirmed to a question: '' that's right all. '' No trace of repentance from the protocols comes forward. He would have decided, to the confession because he '' would like to make life easier the prisoners '' and because there is '' too much '' would have been evidence, Yilmaz told the people of the BKA (Federal Criminal Police Office). It would have had no point in the process to stretch even longer.

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