Back to Morocco or Turkey for a job

Young Turks and Moroccans times increasingly back to their country of origin, or that of their parents.

Fed by the hardened political climate and the reduced chances of the Dutch labour market. In Turkey and Morocco, they are also outsiders. , Hollandyin, who is that? ''

Paolo de Mas has as a Director of the Dutch Institute in Rabat around for countless Moroccan students that could find no internship in Netherlands. Junior doctors, lawyers, but also bank employees were not welcome. ,, Purely because they're Fatima or Ahmed. Very frustrating! So they seek their salvation in Morocco. ''

The image that only the first generation migrants in their old age in Turkey or Morocco wears, is obsolete. Also their children want to build up an existence in their country of origin, or that of their parents. Figures from the Central Statistics Office (CBS) show that the number of Turks of the second generation that has returned, has doubled over the past four years. In 2004 there remigreerden 341; last year there were 676. In the same period, the remigration among Moroccans increased from 240 to 327.
Also recent research by the Nicis-Institute and the research firm Motivaction shows that especially high-skilled migrants children want to leave from Netherlands. The rise of Geert Wilders and the economic slump, ensure that they are sick and tired in the Netherlands, thus .

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