Import bride: ' eight years locked up and raped '

The man with whom she was getting married, she looked for the first time in the eyes moments before the marriage.

According to Berber traditions would be during the marriage the white cloth was draped over her head.

, When the cloth was torn away, I saw him. It was he, my future husband. The man who I did not know and with whom I would have to go the rest of my life. It was the beginning of hell. ''

Artic Oum'Hamed (30) speaks there sober about it, now fifteen years later. But the marriage with Bilal would mean the beginning of an ordeal for her. Just 15 years old, she was by a mature Moroccan man and his father as a bride in Netherlands imported. She was literally imprisoned on a floor in Amsterdam-East. She was nothing, she was beaten and raped and they had two children. After eight years she fled the House and wrote her book about her life as import bride.

Artic Oum'Hamed wrote the book to draw attention to ' the bride ' import, the phenomenon which the media almost daily messages. But the discussion is always about them, rarely do you hear the women themselves do the talking.

Find them out. They are ashamed, they want to talk at all for fear of revenge by ex-family members or the wrath of ' the Moroccan community '. But they are there though. Artic Oum'Hamed itself to have been locked up for years, for example, around the corner at the House of the reporter. ,, Maybe I see you cycling as I looked out the window. " It draws the question of import brides: they are there, but you don't see them.

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