Wilders wants headscarf tax

Geert Wilders on Wednesday the introduction of a "headscarf tax ' advocates.

In the debate on the State budget for 2010 he proposed to such a tax a 1000 euro per year. Who wants to wear a bandana, must first permit, said Wilders.
The PVV leader called his tax a ' kopvoddenta ''. If entered, we finally got some cost recovery to islam, said Wilders. According to him, pollute the mosques, the headscarves and Muslim men with beards and long dresses the image in the Dutch streets. In addition, a,, Islamic scarf '' a sign of oppression of women and thus a symbol of freedom.

,, We are the headscarves spit-and sick and tired '', said Wilders. The proceeds of the tax may, in accordance with, for example, to keep him-from shelters.
His proposal for a tax on wearing a bandana encountered much resistance in the second Room. D66 leader Alexander Pechtold spoke of an embarrassing display and accused Wilders of xenophobic and racist expressions towards Muslims. According to him performs Wilders just a piece of cabaret.

SP group leader Agnes Kant called the plan of Wilders too absurd to respond. ,, You want a headscarf police. I think it's so ridiculous, '' said Hand. Group Chairman Arie Slob of the Christian Union be Wilders out that he people with contempt, because of physical characteristics. Women, offend, you may very well '', responded group leader Mari? tte Hammer of coalition partner PvdA.
CDA group Chairman Pieter van Geel also rejected the idea of Wilders. ,, Would you sell your principles for 1000 euro? '' According to greenleft leader Femke Halsema Wilders makes use of Iranian methods. ,, What you want, is a Vice. Shame on you ', "she said.

Minister Eberhard van der Laan (PvdA, integration), absolutely hysterical, '' spoke of a proposal, and one,, very discouraging signal '' to people who do well. ,, He sells only discord '', said the Labour Party Minister, said through spokesmen.

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