Mohammed Ebrahim, someone knows him yet? The Rotterdam lawyer came in the past two years several times briefly behind each other firmly in the news. He wiped the floor with ' handenschudfetisjist ' Rita Verdonk, refused for judges to stand up and also had another of those Eastern bloc pornography chicks for his law firm. A stubborn refuser, hands that are not hand to your protruding but dispenses a head butt while he bend to greet you.

When Ebrahim hit because he refused a staff member of the municipality of Rotterdam to shake hands during a job, we found that all but what is strange in Netherlands. Also a considerable part of the Muslim community turned out to be fairly integrated (or maybe secretly even assimilated?) and gave collective to ' just ' a hand shake as greeting. Now, two years later, the handenschuddiscussie is still going on. But true, see there the first signs of relaxation.

at the Hogeschool Utrecht seems men no hand, but puts her hand on her heart and makes a subtle, light bending. With a sweet, charming smile for dessert. Also at the Hogeschool Utrecht work, however, that zuurpruim viespeuken that, of course, make a point of. Guests must at all costs someone else touch it. Probably the highlight of the day for those people contact with others, taking them all too eagerly grasp your hand (and if possible your whole dislocated shoulder jerking off). I don't want to know what's going on with that bunch of dirt happens when you give them a hand.

While one of his teachers on hunger strike in the sickness benefits act is now and on the edge of the college construction is threatening suicide if the muslimah wouldn't give and this ' reverse discrimination ' hand (Phew!), the Director is not so pressure. Who knows the matter to appreciate by delicately referring to the bright bow that the sister in question makes when they your greeting. I myself would never bow to anyone, but that's rather out (perhaps misguided) pride. This sister takes the view, however, that modesty that they are people with whom they come in contact with something better than just a hand: she bends!

How flexible do you want it? It shows a deep respect for your fellow man by a slight bow for another. Most Dutch are however of those stiff garden rakes who do not feel at ease with this kind of behavior. Someone who bends for you, which unwittingly puts you on a pedestal. And Dutch people do not want to be on a pedestal. Who want a wet, filthy hand feel, that the derogatory impression that another of you has is confirmed because the other party also not in your eyes looks at you when those dirty hand shaken. I keep it on a lack of confidence in this Dutch. But I still give them a hand. No fucking way that I bow to anyone.

And Mohammed Ebrahim? That will go into history as the Ché Guevara of the niethandenwillenschudden. First hated and about 100 years slightly sympathetic. But Joey was still a damned communist. Yuck!

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