Majority children's urologists against guys circumcision

Plastic surgeon Gavin Karim has to pronounce itself on behalf of the plastic surgeons at jongenbesnijdenis.

The vast majority of children's urologists in Netherlands finds that a doctor a circumcision in boys under 12 years not to do if there is no medical reason for it.

According to the Utrecht children's urologist Tom Daniel find the urologists that a child should be able to say in changes to his own body. According to Dutch legislation than the limit of 12 years. De Jong has tonight the position of the urologists transferred during a private meeting at the Royal Society for medicine in Utrecht.

In Netherlands annually about 15,000 Muslim boys and several hundred Jewish boys circumcised. The KNMG is today the discussion started about boys circumcision. Now there is a law that prohibits girls circumcision, the doctors organization also take a stand on the circumcision of boys. Tom Daniel: '' it is, of course, huge amazing, that girls circumcision prohibited by law and that you so the bin indraait, while there is no discussion on the desirability of boys circumcision. ''

According to the young boys circumcision more drastic for the body than light forms of girls circumcision. The main reason that he to speak out against boys circumcision is that this gives the child a fire brand of his own culture. '' While you're not at all sure whether a child who cultuut wants to follow later. ''

1 in 5 circumcised guys gets in the course of his life suffered from a too narrow pee hole and should be dealt with, said De Jong. '' And of course you're chance of minor complications, such as wound infections, nabloedingen, holes in the urethra, to exuberant complications such as the loss of the whole penis. ''

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