Dutch people becoming more negative on immigration

More and more Dutch people see immigration as a problem.

This is evidenced by the Transatlantic Trends: Immigration 2009 research by the American organization German Marshall Fund.

The number of Dutch immigration as a problem rather than as an opportunity is increased from 36 to 45 percent since last year.
Netherlands gives below the European average that rose from 43 to 50%. But in no country examined the increase in a year as strong.

In Great Britain are people most negative about immigration, 66 will see the arrival of people from the outside as a problem.

Bigger problem
The economic situation is considered by most Dutch people as a bigger problem than immigration. Only five percent of Dutch people mention immigration as the biggest problem the country has 44 percent, calls the economic crisis.
For comparison: twenty percent of the British see immigration as the biggest problem, and thirty percent to the economic crisis, said.

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