Mohammed Ebrahim runaway at Pauw and Witteman

Mohammed Ebrahim has drained during an interview in the program Pauw and Witteman Friday night.

Ebrahim was particularly upset with Jeroen Pauw, which according to him was ' monocultureel '.

The lawyer was a guest in the broadcast because the Court of Court of Discipline had ruled that Ebrahim not have to stand for judges in court. Ebon is orthodox Muslim and says he wants to stand not because of his religious beliefs on to court.

Peacock asked questions where Ebrahim irritated by hit, for example why he no hands shakes of women and why he wears a headpiece. '' Because the Prophet Muhammad wearing a hat, are you doing it too? ''

At one point he called Ebrahimi a provocateur. Thereupon went Ebrahim in the attack. '' You live in a ring of canals and do not know what is happening in this society. That's your problem. '' For the broadcast left Peacock to Ebon know that he does not believe in the multicultural society. '' His behavior is model for 1.2 billion Muslims '', responded the lawyer. The fact that you don't know him, that gives your own intolerance ". He called Pauw and Witteman and the editorial board members ' elite-racists '.

Wallace left the section zapservice. When the camera returned to the table with guests was the lawyer disappeared, aldius .

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