Problems with bus transport

Busvervoerders across the country have Monday morning in many areas to decide to keep the buses for the time being within.

The transport companies find it by the smoothness too dangerous to send their drivers on the road.

For example, carrier Connexxion has buses in cities like Leiden, Gouda, Nijmegen and Enschede shut down. In and around cities where buses, such as Middelburg, Eindhoven, Helmond and Haarlem, travellers must take account of delayed or scrapped buses.

Buses from carrier Veolia drive Monday morning not in the regions the Veluwe, Breda, Den Haag, Waalwijk and Oosterhout. In Limburg, Zeeland and the districts Bergen op Zoom, Roosendaal and Tilburg drive the buses but with hefty delays and according to the already limited holiday timetable, warns a spokesman.
Also in Breda and Utrecht, the service is not started.

Bus and trams in Rotterdam Monday morning to a very limited extent. Services run as good as normal. That has a public transport company RET spokesman said. The RET couldn't tell if in the course of the day can be driven normally. The company recommends the customers to follow and listen to Radio Rijnmond, the local transmitter.

The coaches of the CFP Amsterdam transport company Monday morning around half past six. Seeks according the usual timetable to drive, but that will still take some time. The trams and underground trains in the capital drive, but also with delays.

In Groningen, Drenthe and South-East Friesland drive Monday morning buses from 7.30 pm. The company warns travelers so much for delays and longer driving times.

In the Hague drive Monday morning no trams. Buses run there, but travelers should take into account loss and delays because not all drivers could achieve their work.
That has a spokeswoman of Belgium HTM said. She said to assume that the tram traffic all day Monday will be flat. Only the Light Rail runs on a small part of the route between the Hague and Zoetermeer, said.