Failed attempt to blow up plane

On a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit has a passenger tried to just before landing to cause an explosion.

The man tried to detonate a powdery substance to inject the substance with chemicals, but failed.
There was a small explosion in which the offender suffered burns. Also some other passengers were injured. The man was quickly overpowered.

The offender would be the 23-year-old Nigerian Unar Farouk Abdul Mutallab. Its name comes in America for in a database of suspicious persons. He declared to have acted on behalf of al-Qaida.

Military police
It was his purpose to cause an explosion above us territory. President Obama was on his holiday address on Hawai informed and has extra security measures ordered for air travel. His spokesman spoke of a failed Act of terror.

The man traveled yesterday with a device from the KLM from Nigeria to Amsterdam. At Schiphol, he switched on the flight to Detroit. How he has gotten on board the explosive material, is unclear. On board were 289 passengers.

The US State according to American media in close contact with the Dutch authorities. Schiphol Airport and the Royal military police do not want to respond on the issue.

The National terrorism Coordinator says that the US authorities all airlines that fly on America, have asked for more stringent safety measures. So are all the bags of passengers searched and frisked everyone who is on board the unit will, thus .

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