Planned by al-Qaida in Yemen

The failed attack on a plane from Amsterdam to Detroit is organized by al-Qaidaleiders in Yemen.

That has the 23-year-old suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab during trial against u.s. authorities said.

The Nigerian has provided detailed information about his recruitment and training for what should have been a ' Christmas zelfmoordaanslag ', reported the American channel ABC News Saturday on the authority of the authorities.

Abdulmutallab said he had laid via internet contact with a radical imam in Yemen, which then brought him in contact with al-Qaidaleiders in a village north of the capital Sanaa. The Nigerian spent a month by including a Saudi bomb maker. He should not leave the field until he had completed the training.

The Nigerian got instructions to the plane shortly before landing to detonate, because there are still victims on the ground.

According to researchers the suspect had 80 grams of the highly explosive substance PETN with him on the flight. That is 30 grams more than the British ' schoenenbommer ' Richard Reid had in 2001 on a flight from Paris to Miami.

Al-Qaeda members in Yemen had the explosive material and the detonator in the underwear of the Nigerian suspect sewn before they sent him on the road. It concerned a designer powder and a syringe with liquid chemicals. They were confirmed in his undies so they would be close to his genitals and probably were not noticed at controls. The suspect ran second-degree burns on in his cross, thus .

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