Sex education book Morocco put upside down

Morocco: a recently published book on sex education turn the country upside down.

On virtually all radio and television stations and in newspapers and magazines is fully discussed a study that was carried out by two women, a psychiatrist and a sex therapist.

In their book Manuel d'education sexuelles breaking Nadia K and the taboo about virginity Berrada, Soumia sex outside marriage, masturbation, homosexuality and sexual violence.

Purpose of the writers is especially the women teach, by television, movies and internet they have a distorted image. In addition to the two proffessoren young Moroccans help with balancing their sexual feelings.

In the book are chapters such as sexual intercourse outside of marriage, homosexuality and sexual abuse. Some chapters are devoted to islam and sexuality, two things that are often at odds. Especially in the subject gay sex are significantly more tolerant than the women in islam is common.

Following the publication of the book is there suddenly in Morocco more openly talk about homosexuality. The women hope the openness on the internet will win in the long term by the dogmatism of the religion, said .

morocco manuel d'education sexuelles nadia k soumia berrada