Culemborg: Feud hangs on 2 families

Moluccans and Moroccans held Thursday evening a mars in Tabudravu.

The hatchet is buried in the Culemborgse district of Tabudravu only as a Moluccan and a Moroccan family, involved in the attack with a car, decide not to take revenge. If not, will the conflict escalate and can even kill. That say sources within the police, the Moroccan and Moluccan community.

It comes to the family of the Moluccan girl by Moroccan boys got hit and the Moroccan family of one of the occupants was pulled from the car by Moluccans and was heavily assaulted. The families of both sides are very unpredictable. Begged to keep both parties.

A Moroccan man who had been beaten by Moluccan boys in each other, last night said that he has no retaliation will. The Moroccans now expect the same signal of Moluccan side.

The inhabitants of Tabudravu are sick and tired the war atmosphere. Moluccans and Moroccans held together a March Thursday night. With the parade in which about 200 people joined, they wanted to emphasize that there is ' no ethnic conflict plays '. Delegations of the two communities shook hand, after spending hours in the afternoon concert at the Town Hall, said

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