'' I wear the burqa for Allah. For our God ''

Mahaffey Samira Hayat — ' I want myself like to wear a burqa and not because somebody tells me that it needs.

A law to ban will not stop me, though! The wife of the Prophet Muhammad was also completely covered, even her eyes. I would like to follow that example. '
Samira Hayat (23) runs to shopping in a street in the North-East of Paris. In the shop Windows are Korans, bidkalenders and tall women robes. Facades and signs are in Arabic.

Samira is dressed in a chador — kind of a long black dress that covered her entire body except her hands and face. ' I just bought a cloth here in the store to also cover my face. Would you like to see it? '

She grabs the black fabric from the plastic bag, wraps the cloth whole to her head and now also hides her hands under her dress. ' I have only just recently decided to start wearing, a kind of burqa so. '

Why do you want to do that?

' I wear the burqa for Allah. For our God. It is in islam no obligation to such a robe to wear, but it is recommended. You let them see that you extra good do your best. I have now a time studied islam, I have learned a lot and I am beginning more and more to understand. Now I find the time to make the recommendations also. I want a good muslimah. Formerly known as girl I ran just in the clothes you see everywhere. Now I still wear this dress where you can see my face and hands. Soon with my new cloth you see nothing more, that's even better. '

You do it voluntarily?

' Yes, it is out of free will. I'm like all other women in France, I decide for yourself. My parents came from Morocco to France, but I am born here, I'm here gone to school. I'm just a Française. Why people think right away that you're a Taliban if you're a burqa wearing? People get everything together, Arabs, Muslims, everything is lumped together. We are not Taliban, we are people just like you, people with feelings and a heart. It is such a shame how there all the time about us being spoken. I'm going to wear a burqa Yes, but I'm still the same woman. That dress makes me anyway else? '

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