Algeria gets beating from Egypt

Egypt is the opponent of Ghana in the final of the African Cup.

In the semi-finals, the team was far too strong for Algeria, which is a very bad loser.

Algeria ended the game with only eight players and a poor 0-4 defeat. The team had to all for rest with ten man further after a red card for Halliche Rarik, which brought down a breakthrough player. From the penalty kick which was then awarded Rabo Hosni Abdullah opened the score.

After resting the Algerians did everything to make Egypt playing football. The team played very compact not only the game was also marred by rock hard violations. Mohamed Zidan escaped after 65 minutes to the attention of the defenders and decided the game: 0-2.

Nadir Belhadj and Fawzi Chaouchi pulled out the end signal either. Both players were sent prematurely to the side with a direct red card. Egypt then played it out well and doubled the margin through Mohamed Abdel-Saduni and Mohamed Nagy Gedo.

By the victory of Egypt places the team for the third time in a row for the final of the African Cup. Sunday is Ghana the opponent.

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