Muslims scare away from imam mosque in France

The burqa is according to the imam a form of sexist oppression.

An imam in a suburb of Paris that had called for a burqa ban, has its mosque Friday under the guidance of the police must leave because of threats.

Believers demanded in a petition that the '' traitor, infidel and Jews lay down its function, '' imam writing French media Saturday.
According to imam Hassen Chalghoumi should women who want to wear the gezichtsbedekkende clothes, but moving to Saudi Arabia or other Islamic countries, he said a week ago in the newspaper Le Parisien.

The imam of the mosque in the town of Drancy believes that wearing burkas and nikabs belongs to a small minority tradition within islam that are harmful to the faith. He also suggested in the interview that burkas a prison for women.
The clothing is according to Chalghoumi a form of sexist oppression. The spiritual received death threats because of his statements, as for entering into a dialogue with the Jewish community in the French capital.
A French Parliamentary Commission pleaded Tuesday in a report for a ban on the burqa. France has about five million Muslims. Less than two thousand women in the country wear the allesverhullende robe, said.

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