' My mother is afraid that I now go to hell '

The nostalgia overtakes Noureddine Salah (32) quite often when he, as a converted Muslim, a mosque site that was once a church.

'' Sometimes you can smell smell of incense. This is quite wonderful. This to me is double coming home '', he says on the national Bekeerlingendag in the Utrecht Omar al Farouk mosque. Yesterday some 1,100 converted indigenous Muslims gathered in the former rk-Church.

If it to Archbishop Wim Eijk of Utrecht is, it happens ever again. Prefer the demolition, then a church setting up as mosque. But for Amsterdammer Salah is a gift. '' I am baptized, have communion but just before my confirmation, I stepped out. It told me nothing more. I felt it not '', he says. In 2004, he converted to islam. '' It's very much a balance in life between work, friends, faith and good deeds. That seemed to me much more natural. ''

Nowadays he accompanies other new Muslims who have converted to islam, such as the 32-year-old Richard van der Bijl from Zoetermeer. That converted four years ago. He is raised Protestant. But his parents were not really confessing. Though his grandmother, with whom there is always after eating from the Bible was read.

For Van der Bijl was a choice of Judaism, Christianity or islam. Three religions that reverting on the oerverhaal of the Patriarch Abraham. '' Where Judaism is very technical and rules and Christianity, islam has wiped out virtually all the rules in the middle. ''

The 24-year-old Marjoram camp is from home from baptist. On her thirteenth she began to have doubts. '' How can an innocent baby now all sinful? And how is it possible that someone who all his life to rotzooit yet in heaven, pure just because a religion-ie. That is unjust. '' Via girlfriends she learned islam. She always wears a head scarf. '' It feels to me like a guide through life. ''

But that choice her sometimes heavy. '' My mother is afraid I'm going to hell now. They don't even want more walking next to me. ''

But here is at least still debate possible her experience. For her training she lives temporarily in Germany. '' No one wants to sit next to me more There in the tram. Head scarves are burned. In Netherlands at least I can turn a little breathing. ''

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