Professor leaves wife for Hirsi Ali

A commotion in Great Britain: a famous British professor has his wife left for Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

According to The British newspaper The Daily Mail is Niall Ferguson with his wife Sue Douglas runaway for the former VVD politician. The newspaper expresses shame of: '' God knows how Ayaan her feminist insights can reconcile with her current behavior with Niall. '' Sue is stunned that one of the most intelligent men of the world as a forty-something suddenly a new life begins in a way that is more fitting to a player from the Premier League than a professor. ''

Many affaires
Sue, mother of three and candidate for a place in the Parliament, has a lawyer. The newspaper is also still with what-unconfirmed-gossip. So would Ferguson have had eight affaires in the last five years, most of them in the last year and a half.

Never a boyfriend
Ferguson would Ayaan Hirsi Ali have met in New York at a party by Time Magazine. Belinda Luscombe, art editor of the magazine, says that in all that time they know her, Hirsi Ali has never had a friend. '' She's gorgeous, but with the fatwa that about her is pronounced, it is difficult to find boyfriends. " Both Ferguson as Hirsi Ali would not comment on the affair.

Theo van Gogh
Hirsi Ali lives for years under heavy protection abroad. She left the Netherlands after they with death was threatened by Islamic extremists because they wrote the script for the controversial film Submission. In 2004, the film's Director, Theo van Gogh, murdered on the street in Amsterdam. To the knife in his belly was a letter containing a death threat to Hirsi Ali, said.

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