Dead in attacks in Moscow metro

In two attacks in the Moscow metro are definitely 37 deaths. Also, there are dozens of wounded.

Russian media report that there has been a third attack also, but that seems to be false alarm.

The first explosion was at the Lubyanka metro station where sure 25 deaths. Both on the platform and in a metro train are people lost their lives. Possible suicide bombers have blown up themselves.

Near Kremlin
The second explosion followed half an hour later, at Park Kultury. There are certainly twelve people lost their lives. The third attempt would be at the metro station Prospekt Mira.
Lubyanka Metro station is near the Kremlin and the headquarters of the FSB, the Russian security service.

'' Female perpetrators ''
The two suicide bombings in Moscow are committed by two women. That says the Mayor of the Russian capital, Luzhkov. Luzhkov said that the women themselves opbliezen against journalists when the subway trains near the stations were.
Ambulances drive occasionally to the victims. Survivors of the attacks are crying on the street.
The metro in Moscow is used daily by almost seven million people. Not much for security checks. The stops are deep, that makes aid delivery difficult, thus .

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