Muslims upset reading Benno Barnard of UA

A lecture by Dutch author Benno Barnard for the Liberal service of the Antwerp University tonight is disrupted by extremist Muslims.

Normally I would give a lecture tonight for some fifty students. The lecture on political islam carries the ironic title ' long live God, Allah ' and that was enough to disrupt them for some extremists even before I had said ' three sentences ', says the writer. '' Much to my surprise, there were at the start of the reading a whole bunch of Muslims in the room. She not only to listen to the aula in the Rodestraat came. Via sms and the website sharia4belgium there was called to the reading. ''

Rector Alain Verschoren stresses that the University of Antwerp active pluralism of paramount importance and wants to offer space for all opinions to dialogue. '' I am sorry that the opportunity for dialogue was not there because the reading was already disrupted after a few minutes. ''

Police spokesman Fons Babcock confirms that something after 20 hours walked into a message on the radio room for breach of the peace in the University. On arrival, the police some 20 Muslims out of the building. Eventually stopped at some call and there is no violence used. There was no one arrested, according to .

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