Wizard gets death penalty in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia since 2009 does everything to sorcery in the Kingdom.

A Lebanese convicted by a Saudi Court was because of ' sorcery ', will likely be executed this week, confirms his lawyer, May el-Khansa. She calls on the Lebanese authorities and human rights organizations to intervene. '' Last night we heard through two non-official sources that Ali Sabat will be beheaded within 48 hours '', May el-Khansa in Beirut. '' I have then contacted the Lebanese authorities including president Michel Sleimane and Lebanon's Ambassador in Saudi Arabia, in the hope that they will take action. '' According to the lawyer would have gotten from someone from the Embassy visit Sabat. '' It is extremely important that we save the life of this person. This is not a criminal '', said the lawyer.

Human rights organisation Amnesty International declared information to have gotten that said that the execution is equipped with for today.

Black magic
Ali Sabat in Medina in May 2008 was arrested while he was in possession of talismans and medicinal plants. According to the local press he would do that he would use to black magic to couples to drift apart. The man was sentenced to death in november 2009.

Saudi Arabia announced in 2009 the launch of a campaign to sorcery in the Kingdom. In november 2007 was an Egyptian pharmacist still beheaded for similar practices, according to .

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