Muslim women: '' Fear not, but have we would like us ''

Gehoofddoekte Muslim women are empowering, fight for their freedom and for the freedom to wear a headscarf.

It seems like our head scarf increasingly feared. From the discussion on the headscarf in France, Belgium and Netherlands, we off that wearing a headscarf is an important issue for the future. And if it comes to our head scarves, we would like to be there because we see the climate becoming grimmer, without that we have a voice in there.

The last months about our head scarf called a lot and we see that there are people and political parties that fear our head scarf, ' the hoofddoekvrezenden ', have things about called us in no way in which we recognize, for example that we oppressed and pathetic. And that we are opposed to the Dutch norms and values and with our brothers and fathers support our oppressive behavior.

Also secular feminists fell over us. They do not accept hoofddoekdragende Muslim women call themselves feminist. But why would that not be? We are also a feminism for where space is for voluntary gehoofddoekte Muslim feminists. In the new 3.0 go head scarf and feminism feminist flow very well together.

We determine that there is a shift in the debate around islam and that the arrows now on the hoofddoekdragende Muslim women. Hoofddoekdragende the climate against Muslim women is a part of the population so hostile, that the PVV will find the streets headscarf should be free. She has introduced the concept of degrading kopvoddentax. The PVV MPs and other hoofddoekvrezenden have tried to set up the society to us so that we in the defense are.
On the streets and internet forums is called, "Hey, do you cover your head with such a delicious vod? ' Wearing the head scarf is at the vox populi no accepted law. Enough Muslim women must be in the social discourse answer for wearing a headscarf.

Dear hoofddoekvrezenden, we love you, because we know you're anxious and just that fear on our main canvas projects. But you don't take our fear. We do not terrorize, Gouda that the districts of that are other immigrant young people where we have nothing. Therefore your arrows on them and not on our main canvas. Sometimes we hear people say they tolerate our head scarf. That suggests that anyone at any time can decide for themselves whether he us that freedom on the ground or the headscarf decision of our head to jerk. It seems for a favor instead of a right. It is therefore important that Wilders and other hoofddoekvrezenden realize that this is an acquired right is not negotiable.
Dear hoofddoekvrezenden, we also know, however, that Muslim women are oppressed and that a headscarf it should be. We embrace the Dutch rule of law
We find this very much. Because forced your head cloth, is just as bad as forced your headscarf off. We would like to see the headscarf in the imaging is disconnected from oppression. Because not all Muslim women are pathetic and hoofddoekdragende are suppressed.

Lightning fast
Enough Muslim women go to University and College and emancipate lightning fast. Enough Muslim women experienced the headscarf as a hip fashion statement, as a part of our identity. That we keep our head scarf, is not a sign of backwardness or illiteracy. For our own reasons, and who are just as complex and diverse as we ourselves, we carry a headscarf. Its meaning is constantly changing and is certainly not the same for everyone. For the one he is a cultural expression, for the other a religious, a strategic move for a third and a fourth for a hip fashion statement.
Gehoofddoekte Muslim women are empowering, fight for their freedom and for the freedom to wear a headscarf, and they have real about a large brain which sometimes run overtime. Politicians need to know that accepting the headscarf not a sign of mercy or tolerance is where you can win votes, but a legal obligation.
Dear hoofddoekvrezenden, we have sincerely thought about where your fear is coming from. to our headwear is feared. Maybe do you think we the headscarf of our brothers and sisters it should or that we are followers of a fundamentalist islam, which wants to overthrow the democratic constitutional State. Unfortunately, it's still too much for our time and energy in defending our right to wear a headscarf. We would prefer that stuck in our struggle and supporting women who barriers experience when that fight, whether that be by fathers, brothers or right-wing actors.

We embrace the Dutch rule of law and have especially hate oppressive brothers because they are the ones for us, head cloth girls, versjteren. We do not deny that there are also gehoofddoekte Muslim women are oppressed. Or that there are Muslim women on the orders of their brothers wear a headscarf. We know these Muslim women and we come to them.
But it is not in line with the complex reality, if the head scarf anytime and anywhere is seen as a symbol of oppression. The headscarf is meerzinnig and ambiguous!

Nora K, Student public administration Erasmus University Rotterdam and Aside columnist.
Rachida Baby, Student Public Administration Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Barbara Chalghaf, Student Public International Law At Leiden University.
Hayet Ezzarfani, Student Of Business Economics Avans Hogeschool Breda.
Zaki Farag, Medical Student University of Amsterdam.
Aoatif Tawfik, Student Rights free University and Arabist.

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