Around 10: Sharia in Netherlands

Sharia courts as in England are not here. Sharia law is Islamic law.

According to a report prepared for the Ministry of justice there is no parallel legislation in Netherlands as the sharia. At most there is advice and dispute mediation. But how far does the mediation? Is that mediation by Muslims regarded as binding?

Sharia calls at non-Muslims and even some Muslims violent responses, because it is often associated with with stoning of women and honour killings. For many Muslims is also a sharia ' way of living ', a guide, for example, divorces, family quarrels and money problems between Muslims. In Netherlands we count 1.2 million Muslims. That the right to have sharia law if that is an essential part of their faith and their life? Is it conceivable or desirable that sharia law in Netherlands is applied?

Many Dutch people will see an introduction of sharia law as a further embedding of islam in Dutch society. Officially there is no shariarechtspraak, but is that so? Is there in Netherlands already some form of Islamic law? Because what mediation is seen as the most important: that of the right or those of the sharia mediator? Our justice system says that all are equal and are treated equally. But does that apply to mediation within the sharia?
In Around 10 a debate between Muslims, non-Muslims, politicians, lawyers and scientists about the sharia in Netherlands. Around 10 also has an exclusive interview with Richard Haitham al-Haddad, President of the five Islamic courts in England, which on request of Dutch Muslims in Netherlands is to talk about sharia law.

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