Marcouch: Holocaustles ' is needed '

Ahmed Marcouch wants the Holocaust theme is required as soon as possible in the school exams.

The former District President, on June 9, eligible for the Dutch Labour Party in the lower House, says that tonight in a speech at the remembrance day on the Ornamental square in slotervaart, thus .

According to Marcouch is the Holocaust in education under exposed, so that the ' at least once ' should belong to the themes that are thoroughly explored in depth at the box history.

Teachers write him that they, when they want to address the Holocaust, come up against indifference and resistance of immigrant pupils. Those pupils, sometimes loyal viewers of the Arab news channels, lay associations with the Middle East conflict, Marcouch says. '' They say: the Jews also do nasty things in the Middle East. '' Also get them according to him already sometimes anti-Semitism in education, for example, the word ' Jew ' is used as a swear word.

The pupils are also not aware of the meaning of the Holocaust for the society. '' It took us until now, traumatized, '' says Marcouch in reason. '' The genocide of the Jews has our commitment to universal human rights determined, our need for freedom and our craving for well-intentioned multicultural ideals. We are still working on it. ''

Therefore scares Marcouch not back for a call to the education. '' I wish that teachers not be put off, but this is an opportunity to correct and to form. That's where your teacher. ''

According to him, teachers will not construe this as interference by politics. '' My experience is true that education is supported by such a call feels, '' he says. '' I see many schools struggle. ''

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