Gay beaten up at Homomonument

In Amsterdam's Wednesday night when a 38-year-old gay man gay Memorial Hospital in struck.

The victim was by two Moroccan boys broke up for flicker and kicked and beaten.

The perpetrators went there on a scooter off, says the victim Friday in the newspaper Het Parool.
The police confirm the reporting of the incident. The abuse is noted as homogerelateerd to the police violence. There are four witnesses heard.
The abuse took place when the man after a Liberation Party with a friend and a friend ran towards the Dam. According to the man called two Moroccan boys something to save when he started provocerends and not responded. Also the girlfriend ran a hit on.

'' I know they are ' dirty, dirty faggot ' shouted. They continued to pedal and kick, but apparently they were terrified when they saw how I was. When they are there on a scooter gone away '', tells the victim in the newspaper.
The man was short outside West but suffered no internal injuries damage was limited to a black eye, scratches, swelling in the face and a crooked nose, thus .

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