Statements on gays cost Halalmeid the head

Jihad Alariachi, presenters is by its negative statements about Muslim gays deleted as compared with a meeting against intolerance and racism.

Jihad Alariachi, presenters, known from the tv program Girls of Halal, was asked by the Foundation Netherlands Confesses Color on 30 may on the Dam to present the demo Rhythm Against Racism, said

A striking choice, have to say about Elsevier and no style, which called in reminder that Alariachi, presenters ever in a broadcast of the girls of Halal has said that homosexuality and islam do not go together and that they do not accept Muslim-gays.

For those judgments are now Netherlands Bekent Kleur reason to another presenter of Rhythm Against Racism. In a response to questions of COC writes the Foundation: '' We welcome the commitment and quality as presenter of Jihad Alariachi, presenters but find the discussion that now does not fit within the form of Rhythm Against Racism on the Dam and have her therefore asked instead, be our guest at a debate that will take place on this subject in the autumn. ''

Alariachi, presenters itself late in a blog know regret having her statements and that they it all not as intended. In a comment on the weblog of SP'er Anja meulenbelt explains they blame however at the media: '' I have nothing against gays but Elsevier and no style found it necessary to cause a commotion and they have won. ''

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