Doctors want to discourage boys circumcision

Doctors Federation KNMG wants non-medical circumcision specifically discourage boys go.

According to the EQUAL TREATMENT COMMISSION is a '' violation of the integrity of the body of the child '' and the risks of complications are '' substantial ''. Relevant professional organisations support the position.

The KNMG has the position Thursday. The organization is committed to the rights of the child and finds this position therefore necessary. According to KNMG-President Arie Nieuwenhuijzen Kruseman should children safeguarded by medical procedures that no therapeutic or preventive purposes.

A legal ban is not feasible, the KNMG know. '' Circumcisions happen often with deep religious, symbolic and cultural feelings. It is therefore unrealistic to have such a procedure in the short term. '' Though the doctors organization a powerful inhibition after and called for strict requirements to the information about the possible complications.

'' The KNMG has purely medical-ethical seen a good point ", says Lex Small, family physician and Director of circumcision Center Netherlands. He feels it is important that there is no circumcision ban, because we must also take into account the cultural and religious desire. '' Muslims, Jews and Christian migrants from North and West African countries choose there almost without exception for their sons to be circumcised. Worldwide, one-sixth of all men circumcised. '' In the US and Canada, it is also the rule and not the exception.

Small stresses that quality standards should be high for both the information as the final procedure, thus .

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