Hero Brinkman: you are a guest here

At the start of the debate got Bana as thanks for coming a Moroccan tea pot.

,, You are a guest here. We have here a Dutch culture and that we want to keep. We don't want to go to all kinds of influences that culture to haggle, and that is not happening. ''

That said PVV mp Hero Brinkman Saturday evening during a debate between some young PVV supporters and (mainly Moroccan-Dutch) young people of the well-known youth centre Argan in Amsterdam. Brinkman was because he wishes to set up a youth branch of the PVV, said.

The politician did his statements during a discussion about whether the multicultural society a enrichment for Netherlands. Another participant to the debate threw furiously against that there are Muslims in Netherlands and that they too deserve a place. ,, You have no more right to your culture than I do. Walk to hell with your integration. ''

,, The young people of the PVV do not want we integrate, but that we assimilate '', said another. Actually,, do you want us to also our hair blonde paints such as your spiritual director in the Hague. ''

One of the young PVV supporters argued during the extremely fierce debate that islam is a threat to Western society and that there are no currents of that religion are those in Netherlands could earths. ,, There is no fundamentalist or moderate version of islam. Islam is islam. ''

Several other participants tried to convince him to the contrary. I am a Moroccan. I am a Muslim. But I am also afraid for those guests in Saudi Arabia. I also want to just with my girl to the movies without to get caned '', said one of them.

Another invited the PVV supporters from dinner at his home. Then, as you say, that islam is not merciful, I know anymore. ''
And that was the criticism of the PVV. A participant said that the party talking about the Dutch culture, but wants to question typical Dutch values such as equal treatment. They want a really big one,, bring about change. ''

At the start of the debate got Bana as thanks for coming a Moroccan tea pot. Very grateful he showed himself not. Because, he said, the gift was submitted by a youth centre financed by the taxpayer and, hence, a gift out of Pocket ''. ,, You know our position on this kind of multiculti hug clubs. We want to abolish it. ''

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