Enthralled VVD and PvdA

The VVD and the PvdA in a provisional forecast of the election results 31 seats.

The PVV is the third party with 22 seats, even for the Christian Democratic Party with 21 seats. That is clear from a preliminary forecast of Office Synovate commissioned by the NOS, RTL and the ANP.

In the final prognosis based on the exitpoll is a seat offset from the provisional prognosis. A seat goes from the PVV to the SP.
The VVD leader Mark Rutte's book nine seats profit compared to the previous elections in 2006, but lost six compared to the polls last week. The Labour Party (PvdA) of Job Cohen loses two of the current number of seats in the room and comes just as the VVD 31 seats.

The provisional prognosis promises to be a long, heart-stopping evening. As possible only in the course of Thursday clarity about who the greatest is: the VVD or the PvdA.

It seems that the PVV of Geert Wilders the third party of the country, even for the CDA of Jan Peter Balkenende, which is still worse than expected. The Christian Democrats lose almost half of their constituents and arrive at a historic low of 21 seats. Wilders WINS no less than thirteen seats compared to the general election in 2006 and also scores a lot more than in the last polls.

The SP will lose ten seats and comes at sixteen, green left four wins and comes at eleven, D66 seven wins and comes on ten, the Christian Union loses a seat and comes in five, the SGP is stable on two, the party for the animals loses and seat and keeps a about and Rita Verdonk disappears from the room.
The results of municipalities let Wednesday. Around 22.50 hours Wednesday night were the votes counted and passed by only five municipalities. In municipal elections in March, at this time all 31 municipalities.

Counting all the previous elections went slower, because again the old fashioned way with ballots and a red pencil. It is also at the general election count more difficult, because there are more parties (eighteen) participate than in the municipal councils, thus .

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