Wilders late Hague Council left with financial hangover

Geert Wilders late with his departure from the City Council in the Hague a hefty account behind.

The PVV leader has in the past three months as Councillor visited five times a meeting. Per visit drew 10,000 to 15,000 euros from the Hague City Hall for the security of Wilders. Wilders also received a monthly fee of 2138.33 euro. And that while he never has taken the floor in these meetings. That reports the AD today. Wilders decided yesterday from the Hague City Council to step in because the work he no longer was to combine with the Group Presidency. PVV'er had in municipal elections in March this year made available as lijstduwer. Because of the overwhelming number of votes decided Wilders when in the Hague Council to take place.

The harvest of his participation, however, is skimpy. Other Council members are not sorry about that the departure of the PVV leader. '' He was a Councillor of nothing, '' said David Rietveld. '' He didn't even have a portfolio. For democracy in the city, it is good that he is gone and that the PVV a new Councillor installs that do fully getting started. ''

According to the leader of the PVV in the Hague Sietse Fritsma is that nonsense. '' It was quite right that Wilders has become '' in March also Councillor, Fan. '' But he has a modest role then also frankly that he wanted, and that he wanted to see if combining it fell with the room work. Voter fraud is not. There is an enthusiastic successor circle to the typical PVV. We do exactly what the voters of our desire. ''

Wilders himself was not available for comment, according to .

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