'' Jesus was never crucified ''

According to a theologian from the University of Goteborg is not Jesus crucified, but died of a pole.

In the old literature there is nowhere a crucifixion, he States in his thesis.

The legend of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ would be based on Christian traditions of the Church and artistic images and not on old writings, says Gunnar Samuelsson.

In the Bible there is Jesus who dragged a ' staurus ', which can be both a cross as a pole. '' The Bible was misinterpreted, '' says Samuelsson.

The theologian examined ancient Greek, Latin and Hebrew literature. Here was talk of all sorts of execution possibilities, but not of the crucifixion. Even in the sources where Samuelsson the information expected, said nothing about it.

Samuelsson, himself a convinced Christian would not, however, that the Bible is being questioned or rejected. '' We must read the Bible as he is, not as we think he is. '', he States as final conclusion, said .

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