Bad relationship ' life-threatening '

It can be so much fun, but who has a bad relationship can there may be no better.

The effects of liefdestress on health does not appear to be low.

That suggested researcher Lachlan McWilliams and colleagues, after the (love) life of 5645 adults between 18 and 60 years.
The scientists, affiliated with the Acadia University in Canada, then discovered a causal relationship between a feelings of uncertainty, worry and stress within a relationship and the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Under these evils, which have relations on the blood vessel system, some very serious as brain hemorrhages and heart attacks. This would be for people with relational concerns half higher than for people with better luck in love.

High blood pressure is unknown, it is also the risks of a stressful relationship, said McWilliams and his team. The same is true for chronic pain complaints.

"On the basis of the results would even consider that interventions, aimed at a secure relational bonding, also have a positive impact on health", the professor now opposite The Telegraph.

Reason enough extra to be critical to dysfunctional relationships, but who do not dare to encounter relationships likewise on a problem: people who walk all the way from the road adhesion increased risk (head) pain symptoms, the researchers said.

The study is included in The American Psychological Association, said .

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