' Quarter women shows true face not to partner '

A quarter of women has never seen without makeup to her mate.

One in five of this group crawl out of bed in the morning even secretly to her face to update some more before he wakes up, said

Most of these women gave to itself in a relatively new relationship, thus the British survey of a fashion website, running on 1560 women. One in ten of this group is said to fear for a relationship-end when they feel at afschminkt.

Half of all those surveyed, all between the ages of 18 and 35 years, admits to sometimes lie about makeup, by saying that they have nothing comfortable while this is the case. This happens by far most frequently against the partner.

For 58 percent of this group is there to see ' if ' natural beauty from the main motivation for the lie, 35 percent gives ' embarrassment for the amount of make up ' for this as reason on.

More confident
The majority (86 percent) of all respondents indicates itself to feel more confident with a layer of of one or the other, thus the British Grazia that Sunday on the poll message.
A quarter (23 percent) refuses outright to show itself to the outside world without mascara, blusher or cherry red lips. Of which nearly two thirds (61 percent) says to do this because they look complete without ' different '.

cherry red lips make-up mascara blusher