Anne Frank tree blown down

The world famous Anne Frank tree in a garden behind the rear House on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam Monday afternoon is blown down.

The tree is not uprooted, but the trunk is about one and a half metres above the ground cracked. Anne Frank looked like Star in hiding during the second world war from the secret annex of the chestnut and wrote about it in her diary, thus .

The tree stood in the courtyard of a private individual. According to the Anne Frank House are there no injuries cases and there are also no buildings damaged.

Amsterdam-Center and the Anne Frank Foundation wanted to let the horse-chestnut in 2007 hack, because that was affected by an aggressive fungus. After much protest from home and abroad and the intervention of the judge if the tree left standing. Since then, the Support Anne Frank Tree Foundation for it. Who has the chestnut support with a steel construction. Monday was no longer sufficient.

The chestnut fell around half past one at once to, said a spokesman for the Foundation. "We heard rumblings", he says. "When we went to watch what was going on, I saw him fall over."

anne frank tree garden secret annex prinsengracht