High heels rays power

Women who wear high heels are more geemancipeerd than women who go for flat shoes.

You feel more powerful, better in your skin and more confident if you walk around in high heels?

Research from the magazine Glamour and the free University of Amsterdam shows that the ancient feminist thought that women in high heels make themselves vulnerable and subordinate as compared to men (it was always assumed that in case of need a woman in high heels was running more slowly and thus are easier to prey) baloney.

Women who wear high hooks feels more powerful, are better in their sheet and feel more confident in their work than women who on flat shoes.

The research was done under 80 women. The goal was to examine the effect of wearing high versus low shoes on the self-image of women and their behavior in social situations. The study focused on the dimensions according to Nu.nl seductiveness, dominance, extroversion and ideal body image. The researchers at the VU could fix that women who wear high heels at that time significantly more satisfied with their self-image than women with flat footwear, thus .

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