Resistance to decrease passport plan criminals

The plan to take criminal Moroccans their Dutch passport has led to the surprise and censure in the House of representatives.

In the leaked letter from Ab Klink (CDA) to Maxime Verhagen and Henk Bleker is suggested that the VVD, PVV and CDA have reached agreement on this. D66 and Christianunion responded displeased.

Klink asks himself in his letter how a Prosecutor it experiences as he asks for denaturalisation of a criminal of Moroccan descent, once the Penal Code is changed by a small room, of which a majority group, the PVV, this did to the Islamization. The motives of the VVD and the CDA to introduce this measure would be different, writes Klink.

D66 mp Gerard Schouw points out, however, that the VVD and the CDA ' Manhunt on migrants ' take over of Geert Wilders. "The waning of the Dutch nationality is pure symbol politics, which, in addition, ineffective and unenforceable. It is also in violation of European rules. " Totally caught off guard by the plan is not: Fireplace "In the negotiations on Purple-plus the VVD came even though with this type of plans."

Christian Union-Leader André Rouvoet was also surprised about the passage from the letter of Klink. "There is still little attention to the fact that VVD and CDA apparently have decided to modify the Penal Code denaturalisation as possible", he tweeted. His party would first like to know what the change means, but disapproves of passports of Moroccan criminals, thus .

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