Introduction burqa ban in ov failed

The introduction of a burqa ban in public transport failed.

The transport companies refuse coming to work with. The Cabinet is also not managed to ban burkas on schools.

Transport companies are worried that a ban on burkas, nikaabs and other gelaatsbedekkende clothing ' leads to tensions ', Transport Minister Camiel Eurlings (CDA) Tuesday informed the in response to parliamentary questions.

Also say the companies have no legal basis to act against burkas in buses and trains. Eurlings puts himself down. He'll leave it to the next cabinet if necessary to take further action to ' about '.

Last week, Education Minister André Rouvoet (Christenunie) all to the House reported that the current cabinet fails to gelaatsbedekkende a ban on clothing in schools. That will also be at the next Cabinet left.

The current Cabinet decided in 2008 to a partial burqa ban. The controversial veils would be prohibited in public transport, education and the public sector. Only when the Government is the ban there will actually come, said .

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