Jack: Koran sadistic about infidels

The Koran is "sadistic about infidels".

According to arabist Prof. Dr. Hans Jansen, one of the expert witnesses in the trial of Geert Wilders.

The Amsterdam District Court las Wednesday, made at the earlier statement for that Jack examining magistrate. Jansen, a well known islam critic, is also present in the Court.
Jackson argues that the Koran infidels describes as "rotbeesten, monkeys and pigs.". "So anyone who believes that Christ is the son of God, be killed."
For the arabist, it is common ground that the islam is out on domination, like Wilders. Jack: "In countless sermons in Netherlands is Western civilization as bad and corrupt depicted. The word destroy comes in the Koran frequently. All infidel companies must be transmuted. It is not with the Koran, or with the stick. Anyone who ten pages in the Koran reads, will say that that book incites hatred and murder. Allah recommends that the global fight. Fortunately, many Muslims to decent to that fight. "

With Wilders is Jack takes the view that there is "no moderate islam". "Well there are moderate Muslims. But on the principles of islam is. I don't know any texts in the Koran that call for peace with non-Muslims. "
The arabist says, on the basis of American research, that 20 percent of the Muslims "all the provisions" of islam wants. Sixty percent "does have what else to do, but agrees with the rules. The remaining 20 percent "wants from islam steps, but does fear of reprisals."
Islam is a "religion of action," says Jansen. "Islam provides rules of divorce to the Organization of the banking system. Other religions have not. "
That Wilders is talking about "fascist" islam, Jack imagine. "There is an agreement between islam and fascism. In both cases, there is no room for dissenters. "
Also the comparison between the Koran and Hitler's "Mein Kampf" will find the arabist not illogical. He pointed out that in the Quran numerous "anti-Semitic passages". A ban on the Koran is Jack "no good proposal."
Jack speaks against that islam gradually seculariseert. "The friends and girl friends who say that islam is slowly dying, is not true. The vote is more religious than ever. A few decades ago there were hardly any women with a head cloth, now you see no woman without hijab. There are libraries full of books that show that there is increasing Islamisation. But in Netherlands put on a pair of boards with books that say that islam is the seculariseert show. "

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