Amputeert Iran hand thief

The Iranian authorities have chopped off the hand of a convicted thief in front of other prisoners.

That made the Iranian State radio announced on Sunday. It seems that the punishment and prevent usual public performance will be. Chopping off the hands of thieves-allowed under the conservative Islamic law sharia is rarely performed in recent years, but the amputation of Sunday is the second this month.

In addition, explained to a judge last week a man who had stolen something from a candy store the same punishment on. The fact that there were prisoners, also can indicate that the penalty in the future will be carried out in public more often.

It's not clear how the amputation has taken place. In the past, there were conflicting reports on their implementation. So in the 1980s without medical support amputation would be carried out. Later there would be doctors at have been present and recent posts are reporting of anesthesia of the prisoner. The penalty is since 1980-a year after the revolution through which the spiritual leaders took over the power of the Shah-part of the Iranian Penal Code.

Critics believe that amputations and public executions and corporal punishment damage the image of Iran and islam in a bad light, thus .

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