'' Allah forced Morel to headscarf and punishes her in hell fire ''

Marie-Rose Morel is not a worthy fight against cancer.

After ex-colleague Bart-'' put the champagne but already cold ''-David is now the radical Islamic organization Sharia4Belgium that its heavy below the belt.

This is read literally on their Facebook profile. ' ' Alhamdullilah, all praise to Allah Lord of the worlds, which Marie Rose Morel let lyden before her death and her then inshaallah a heavy punishment in the hell fire! Allah the Almighty because of her campaign against islam and the Muslims to do a headscarf to her forced to even though they vehemently oppose it is! ''

Return journey via beaucourt
According to the extremist Muslim organization has proclaimed by the cancer itself over itself so Morel to speak out against islam and the headscarf. The ex-Vlaams Belang-politician the day before yesterday had to return empty-handed from a Viennese hospital because she was too weak for a treatment. For the return trip she got help from doctor Luc beaucourt. Who arranged a private flight for her because she seen her condition no longer was able to take a scheduled flight.

'' Extreme islam once again proves backwardness ''
Vlaams Belang senator Jurgen Cedar reacts indignantly and wonders when the Centre for equal opportunities and opposition to racism against this form of hate speech will occur.

He points out that in Belgium political differences in a lot of ways are fought, but people death wish is unseen. '' With such statements proves once again her backwardness the extreme islam and fanaticism '', the Senaatsfractie leader of the Vlaams Belang. Meanwhile Facebook has GroepShariaforBelgium blocked.


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