Protesters clashed in Egypt

After the protests against Hosni Mubarak are today thousands of people who are behind the controversial Mubarak.

They want that Mubarak remains.

The protesters shouted slogans like,, Yes to Mubarak to protect the stability ''. The problems started when hundreds of Mubarak supporters pulled to Tahrir square where opponents of the regime for more than a week to protest. There vomiting fights off between the two groups threw stones and each other to deal with went with fists and bats. There are already dozens of wounded in the fighting. According to many Egyptians get people 100 Egyptian pounds (12 euros) to take part in the pro-Mubarak demonstrations. They also report that agents in the antiregeringbetogers to tackle citizen and so cause chaos. Local residents reacted angrily on the pro-Mubarakbetogers because they marched with hundreds to Tahrir square while the opposition there for days. Partly because of this, many think that there are many agents and paid people in the pro-Mubarak group.


egypt clashed protesters tahrir square