Van der Laan condemns handschudincident HvA

Varma finds it undesirable that a teacher of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA) women do not hand more.

That he said Thursday in the City Council.

According to Mayor of Amsterdam Eberhard Van der Laan violated the teacher not rules, but is ' it is not appropriate to put in a public function no hand to women '. "The City Government is here so other than the school board. ''

The lecturer in business economics after a pilgrimage to Mecca even refused to shake hands and the College decided to give him that freedom. Think that it must be that an Islamic teacher on religious ground physical contact with women. The teacher was temporarily "exempted from teaching duties ' when it appeared of his refusal.

The PVV has questioned Thursday at the ministers of the Interior and of education. According to the party, the ' Islamisation of manners ' in education as soon as possible be stopped.

PVV-MPs Joram van Klaveren and Harm Babu want the school board be held to account. According to them, the ' acceptance of discrimination against women all bounds '.

College President Karel van der Toorn is startled by the commotion around the handschudincident. In a letter to all university employees let him know the news to have wrong.

"As President of the Executive Board I had this rather must recognise and clearer about the fact that equal treatment of people in front of us a firm starting point is", he says to HvA-sheet Havana.

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