Wilders: golf against islam is not stopping

In Europe sounds the PVV-sound ever more frequently and that will only get more.

That Geert Wilders says in a published interview Sunday with NU.nl

According to Wilders it is referred to as an "anti-islam-wave" that is no more. "We have our own little revolution", he says.

Wilders assumes that measures it intends to take, together with the sitting Cabinet there in Europe come through. Some critics of the Cabinet policy argue that many measures envisaged are contrary to European legislation. But according to the PVV leader want to many people in other European countries, these measures also.
In Germany is now a similar party if the PVV was established: the Freedom Party of René Stadtkewitz. Also in England there are according to Wilders possibilities to set up a lot like the PVV to fill the gap between the ' racist ' British National Party (BNP) and the conservatives.

"The times that the CDU and the CDA could ignore problems are finally over. It is not a temporary Comet or something like that. The genie is out of the bottle and that goes also never returned. Never again, "said Wilders.

According to him, the fear of new PVV-like parties ensure that many of the proposals of the Government aid will get immigratiebeperkende in Europe.


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