Hva: College Chairman closed quiet room

College President Karel van der Toorn, the quiet room in the basement of the Lake.

From images of broadcaster PowNed shows that the space was used as a prayer room.

Opposite the program said Vasile last Friday that the Department does not believe that the ' her responsibility to create prayer spaces '. On images that PowNews has aired of the space, k.-3.24, is to see that there are prayers. Varner: ' when we heard this, we have taken steps to put an end to. '

Last year, Van der Toorn already know not in favour to be a prayer areas at College. ' We are, after all, a public educational institution. That means that all beliefs must feel at ease with us. Therefore, I would not separate religious space. Though a public space for everyone, since I have much less trouble with it. '


karel van der toorn college president quiet room