Room wants to ban slaughter without

The House of representatives would prohibit the slaughter of animals without anesthetic.

A majority supports the Bill proposed by the party for the animals (PvdD) to put an end to the suffering of animals that are slaughtered without stunning.

In Netherlands are some animals killed, because without the faith prescribes. This relates mostly to meat for faithful Muslims and Orthodox Jews.

According to the PvdD is large animal suffering, because the animals pain and stress experienced as they come to their end without anesthesia. According to Group President animals may suffer because of a belief not Thieme.

The second Room spoke in February on the private members ' proposal from the party animals, but at that time there appeared to be no majority. The PvdA and the VVD doubted still, inter alia because it was feared that a ban on freedom of religion.

Freedom of religion
The Labour Party is now anyway. There was all the support of the PVV, SP, Green Left, and D66. The Christian parties, the CDA, Christianunion and SGP, the freedom of religion shall prevail.

In Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Iceland and New Zealand is the ban on slaughter without anesthetic already entered.


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