White House doubts about photos and movie OBL

The White House doubts whether the the pictures of the Sunday by a SEAL unit killed to the disclosure of Osama bin Laden.

Bin Laden above his left eye was shot in the head, leaving a part of his skull was shattered. Also the Al-Qaidaleider in the affected breast. The question that arises is whether the White House it is appropriate to make public photos of Bin Laden's corpse. People are afraid the tempers in the Muslim world, where not entirely positive on the winding-up of the Al-Qaidaleider is commented, even further heating it. At the same time, however, wants one of the rumors that Bin Laden is not dead at all.

Furthermore, even thought about whether the video should be released showing that Bin Laden a seaman's grave. According to the Islamic rules and practices should be a Muslim to be buried within 24 hours of his death. It would be very difficult in such a short time has become a country that was willing to find the remains of the Al-Qaidaleider to accept on its territory. Also buried the risk would have involved that the spot would be a place of pilgrimage for Bin Laden's followers. It was therefore decided to give him a sailor's grave.

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