Only Muslims may adopt Moroccan children

Candidate parents who want to adopt a Moroccan child, must first prove that they are Muslim.

In case of doubt, the request is rejected. That writes the newspaper De Morgen, Morocco now is to be recognized as new adoptive country for Belgium.

Currently there are three dummy files of families who want to adopt a Moroccan child. As soon as all around, the Flemish Central Authority (VCA) positive result is they evaluate and Morocco added as new adoption channel. But all the applicant parents are required to be a Muslim because the religious concept of adoption provides that only Muslims custody of an orphan or abandoned child.

Nothing to do, says the Minister of welfare at the spokesman Jo Vandeurzen. "We demand just that an adopted country has signed the International Convention of the Hague. If the country imposes a restriction, we have to respect that, "said the spokesman.


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