' Watering down ' The remembrance day

It is at the national remembrance day less and less about World War II and that is a bad development.

That says Director Dirk Mulder of camp Westerbork remembrance centre today in the NOS Radio 1 journal.
"I think that the watering down of remembrance day. May 4, stands for an extreme period we find nowhere else in our Dutch history. That period works to this day. That has so much power of expression that you must continue to focus on 4 may on there ", according to Mulder.

The National 4 and 5 may Committee lay at the remembrance day in recent years emphatically a relationship with other wars and peacekeeping missions, where Dutch people have died. Mulder finds that these victims also should be remembered. "The year consists of 365 days and then we have 364 days to do that, but then you hold 4 may for the period 1940-1945". Criticism

Director of the Committee Nine Naeem does not endorse the criticism of Mulder. According to Nagarajan Mulder has absolutely right in the fact that World War II was substantially, "but takes that there since the end of the second world war there has been no day without war and many people have been killed".
"So there are a lot of different groups of victims," said Naeem. "What is important is to 4 may, no matter what background, is that all these different memories on that day come together." Support

Mulder is in his criticism supported by Director Marjan Sabli of the NIOD, the Institute for war, holocaust and genocide studies. Previously proposed that the national war commemoration, tonight on the Dam in Amsterdam, a too general in nature and too little about the second world war.


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