Youths disrupt funeral procession

Funeral service has been talking with young people of Moroccan descent.

Gré t of begrafenisonderneming UVZ from Highland does in a letter to the mosque, schools and politicians complain her together with driver Jan Smit. ' Here we need to do something about it. If you all are keeping quiet about it, there will be no measures taken. '

Gré t: ' minutes long: they were shouting Jews! Jews ' T, Director of UVZ Funeral care, was last Thursday en route from Hamilton to Leusden with a funeral procession. In the AD tells them that the procession was joined by a group of kids that ' Jews, Jews! ' chanted. ' Moroccan boys ', says T. ' Less than sixteen, because they had no scooters. "

According to witnesses the youth cycled a few minutes. Then they went away again. TER Braak: ' they want nothing but hurt, so very possible. ' Jews ' use as insult and then also still at a funeral! I do not know what animates them. '

Driver Smit in his open letter: ' it shows any lack of respect and decency. It is a terrible form of anti-Semitism. " Further he writes: ' I hope that many parents, Mosque administrators, teachers and politicians read this, and that we go for sure this never happens again. ''

The family that uigeleide did and the Board members of El Fath mosque want still does not respond.


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